Crunchr makes people analytics easy
Our belief in people analytics

Crunchr is an online solution for workforce reporting and analytics. Organisations face the challenge to create useful insights from all the employee data that they have. This data is scattered across multiple sources and even when they have all data available, organisations find it difficult to actually use it effectively. Crunchr makes workforce analytics accessible to these organisations. Find out more about our 6 interconnected applications. 


Smart data leads to success


We believe that the use of data is crucial for HR professionals and people managers. If organisations take a more evidence based approach to managing their workforce, it improves the HR function, reduces cost and increases the ability to execute a business strategy. Educated, fact-based interventions have a direct link to business and financial performance.

We believe that if your company wants to embrace people analytics with technology, you need a product that talks ‘HR’ and has both reporting and analytics capabilities. For that reason, a generic Business Information tool will probably not work, as all common HR concepts such as attrition, succession networks and organisation structures do not come available.

The second lesson we’ve learned over the last 10 years is that you need to supplement any tool with integrated user training. This will enable your HR professionals to move from reporting to really get prescriptive insights.

User acceptance will only be achieved if clean data leads to actionable insights. This means that any system should not only support the analytics whizzkids, but also, and even more so, those HR professionals and people managers who have no background or advance knowledge in statistics.

Crunchr makes people analytics easy. Using analytics as an important ingredient in making people decisions only requires 3 things:


Crunchr provides cloud-based intuitive analytics, reporting, and planning tools that assist organisations succeed in making data centrally available, clean and beautiful.

Crunchr consists of 6 interconnected applications. The organisation app provides workforce insights on diversity, reporting spans and layers as well as turnover. The workforce app predicts workforce supply and demand and builds business scenarios with cost impact. The succession app visualises and quantifies the strength and quality of the leadership pipeline. The talent app assesses the risk and impact of loss of talent. The preference app allows you to build a digital employee value proposition, to create an effective employer brand. The next app helps you to find out what drives your business by using predictive analytics.


A brief history

Crunchr is a product of Focus Orange Technology which our partners established in 2013. In the beginning, we built analytics tools for our advisory client projects (through Focus Orange Advisory). We consolidated and further developed those tools to create the online Crunchr platform early 2014. This platform was fully based on client needs and this still applies. We develop the platform on the basis of user feedback and continuous new technology features. We pride ourselves to develop one of the most advanced technological platforms in HR analytics, as recognized by Gartner in 2015 (‘cool vendor in HRM’) and Randstad Innovation Fund in 2016 (seed capital). We always remember who we work for: our clients.