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Many organisations face change and other challenges. And need to make important workforce decisions.

Crunchr supports workforce decisions with relevant insights, using expertise, data and analytics. Without clear insight, accurate decision making is at risk. And achieving your business objectives even more. Most organisations have HR systems, but struggle to translate data to insight. Crunchr gets the basics right with simple workforce reporting. Our play-learn-build methodology and learning portal drive easy adoption. This helps to accelerate with workforce analytics in a natural way.

Crunchr is a fully serviced solution. It works on top of existing HR systems, collects workforce data into one secure place and makes it accessible for everyone who needs it. Our technology is globally recognized by Gartner and Bersin. It’s time to embrace the power of workforce analytics.

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Cloud solution

Crunchr is a cloud solution for people analytics and workforce planning. Crunchr delivers clear actionable insight for Strategic Workforce Management in relation to organizational objectives. This helps HR to persuade the decision makers of the organisation.The (predictive) insights are organised in three powerful products to create connected stories

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Why do our customers choose Crunchr?

We have customers in different industries, yet they all share one common belief: They believe in a positive human future in a technology-driven world ánd they believe in Crunchr. Each and every one of our customers is eager to work more data-driven and evidence-based, and they have chosen Crunchr. It is our mission is to help organisations to create valuable insight into their workforce data. They believe in the power of workforce analytics, and we do as well. Our customers are ready to take the next step towards increasing the impact of HR on the business (strategy), and our customers are ready to take this next step together with us.

A brief history

Crunchr is the technology product of the HR advisory firm Focus Orange.

From the inception of Focus Orange in 2006, we built analytics tools to support organisations in transformation, based on existing workforce data. We consolidated and further developed those tools to create the online Crunchr platform in 2015. This platform was fully based on client needs and this still applies. We develop the platform on the basis of user feedback and continuous new technology features. We pride ourselves to develop one of the most advanced technological platforms in HR analytics, as recognized by Gartner in 2015 (‘cool vendor in HRM’) and Randstad Innovation Fund in 2016 (seed capital). We always remember who we work for: our clients.

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