A data-driven way of working is new to most HR professionals. Our adoption program is focused on making professionals feel comfortable with our tool and on guiding your organisation in developing a data-driven culture. As such, you are not only acquiring a people analytics and workforce planning tool; you are also acquiring a new way of working.

We create a customised adoption program for each of our clients. This program is focused on getting people comfortable with using Crunchr, helping them to ask the right questions and setting up the "Crunchr rhythm" in the HR community. All introductory workshops are tailored to your company and based on relevant business cases and interesting HR topics. Furthermore, we have a whole suite of online and offline engagement methods to help your people ask and answer the right questions.

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Our edge is that we have developed a simple and fast implementation to get kick-started. We also have an in-depth adoption program so that people start changing their behavior and embrace Crunchr for data-driven decisions.


Crunchr also provides online support for (new) users. Exclusively for Crunchr users, we have created an online e-learning platform with videos, guides, and tips and tricks on how to use Crunchr.


We have created an ecosystem with people analytics starters and professionals to share insights and experiences. Read more about the Consortium.

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