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Crunchr is the world’s most intuitive enterprise solution for HR dashboards, people analytics and strategic workforce planning. We provide one integrated platform to deliver workforce insights.

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Our mission is to make people analytics accessible at scale to improve employee experience and business performance!

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Companies and organizations are operating in a context that is defined by continuous change and growing complexity. Leading in such an environment requires an integrated approach to workforce management.

Crunchr supports workforce decisions with relevant insights by combining expertise, data and analytics. Without clear insights, accurate decision making is at risk and achieving your business objectives is even more difficult. Most organizations have HR systems, but they struggle to translate all their data into insights. Crunchr gets the basics right with an easy-to-use workforce reporting and analytics solution. Our play-learn-build methodology and learning portal drive easy adoption. This helps to accelerate workforce analytics in a natural way.

Crunchr is a cloud solution that works on top of existing HR systems. It collects workforce data into one secure place, improves its quality and makes it accessible for everyone who needs it. Subsequently, you are ready to create and democratize your insights for sustainable business impact! Our technology is globally recognized by Gartner and Bersin. It’s time to embrace the power of people analytics.

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We have clients across industries but they all have one belief in common: a positive human future in a technology-driven world. Each and every one of them is eager to take people decisions that are evidence-based, and they have chosen Crunchr to do just that. They believe in the power of workforce analytics, and we do as well. Our clients are ready to take the next step towards increasing the impact of HR on the business strategy, and they are ready to take this next step together with us. It is our mission to let companies peak and people thrive. Click here for some client experiences.

"People are not just numbers, but numbers describe who people are."

Dirk Jonker, CEO & Founder Crunchr

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