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People Analytics makes the workplace better for talent and business

Just close your eyes and realize how much time people spend at work. The workplace is where you learn, grow, and make a living. And it’s where teamwork leads to innovation, and businesses change the world.

We believe that companies peak when people thrive. So, it’s important to understand how people feel and how to get the best out of people. But how much does the business understand about their workforce? Unfortunately, very little.

Crunchr helps companies solve big questions about their workforce.

  • From strategy: what is the impact of automation on the skills that we need to develop.
  • To diversity & inclusion: do we offer equal career opportunities and pay fair compensation to everyone?
  • And retention: if talent is leaving the organization, why is this, what can be done to prevent and even predict who’s next?

The movie Moneyball shows how data analytics changed baseball. We have started a revolution to do the same to improve the workplace. 


Our story

Why does nobody see that a certain manager is making everyone leave? Why is there so much bias in the career progression? Why are we not using scenario planning, powered by data analytics, to understand what skills we need to develop tomorrow (instead of solving yesterday’s problems)? 

These were some of the frustrations of Dirk (founder) that drove him to pack two suitcases and move to New York, where he aimed to figure out if elegant mathematics could solve these problems. Within 5 years, he found a product-market-fit for some of these big questions. In 2015 Dirk founded Crunchr to build a scalable enterprise analytics platform, so that employees, managers, and business leaders could address some of these questions themselves. 

Crunchr raised funds with Randstad Innovation Fund, which allowed us to build a sustainable product. We did not want to rush a product to the market, instead we focused on building a solid architecture and a strong foundation, and continuously tuned the product to seize new opportunities. 

Today, Crunchr is used around the world by some of the largest companies in the world. Companies are just starting to experience the power of People Analytics. One of the leading industry analysts, Josh Bersin, put Crunchr on his watch list, right next to Microsoft. We’re proud. But we also feel that this is just the beginning. 

We are not a feature factory. We are genuinely interested in solving big questions to improve the workplace for everyone. 


Our team

We believe that the value of Crunchr lies partly in the product and technology, in the customers and the pipeline, but also for a large part in the team that we are building. The team is highly talented, enthusiastic and engaged. It is a warm family where they help each other, while learning new skills. That is why the team is called: The Dream Team. We are proud of our unique culture, and we take great care of every team member.

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I like that I have the freedom to impact the product the way I want to. It's inspiring to work in a team where everyone's input is valued and we together are responsible for making Crunchr better.
Priy Werrij
Software Engineer

As single point of commercial contact, I really like the aspect of consulting different stakeholders to make the right people-related decisions, for themselves and their company.

Stefan Versteeg
Senior Account Executive

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