Crunchr raises funding to revolutionise
People Analytics for Enterprise HR teams

  • Crunchr is a leading people analytics platform that helps companies understand what’s happening within their workforce and organization, and to get actionable insights to improve workforce productivity and employee engagement.
  • Crunchr will use the new funding to invest in product development and international expansion, and plans to treble the team within 18 months.
  • The company has announced funding in a round led by Oxx, and works with global enterprise clients including MetLife, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), AkzoNobel, Rabobank and Randstad.
  • 2021 was a successful year for Crunchr, with the company posting 130% net revenue retention. Which means, in real terms, that customers are staying, realising value, and growing.

AMSTERDAM, – February 1st, 2022Crunchr, the People Analytics platform for Enterprise HR teams, today announces its latest funding, in a round led by specialist SaaS investor, Oxx. Oxx joins the company's existing strategic investors, Randstad, the world's largest recruitment agency, and Nationale-Nederlanden, a large Dutch insurer.

The funding will be used to add predictive analytics capabilities to the Crunchr platform, which will further expand the platform’s employee retention, skill-based workforce planning and data-driven storytelling functionality. The remainder of the funding will be used to fuel international expansion, with the company planning to open an office in the United States, and to treble the size of the team.

In recent years, enterprise HR teams have adopted an array of different HR software tools, each focusing on different elements of the corporate HR workflow. As these global companies manage tens of thousands of people across multiple offices and geographies, adopting a new, disconnected suite of tools has only increased the already high levels of complexity.

Crunchr provides the world’s most intuitive enterprise platform for self-service people analytics, HR dashboards, and strategic workforce planning. Using Crunchr, large enterprises get a clear picture of what's really happening in their workforce and organization. The company’s people analytics platform has been adopted by companies around the world, including MetLife (43,000 employees), AkzoNobel (32,000 employees), Rabobank (41,000 employees) and Randstad (38,000 employees). In 2021, Crunchr saw 130% net revenue retention. Which means that its roster of multinational customers are staying, realizing the value of the platform, and growing.

The people analytics platform works on top of existing HR systems, it collects workforce data into one secure, integrated platform, improves its quality, and makes it accessible for everyone that needs it -- not just data scientists -- democratising workplace insights for sustainable business impact. This enables HR leaders and teams to produce strategically meaningful people strategies, and to greatly improve decision making and workforce planning.

Dirk Jonker, Founder and CEO of Crunchr, describes the company as “people analytics for people.” He explains: “Most organisations have HR systems, but they struggle to translate all their data into insights. Without clear insights, accurate decision making is at risk, and achieving your business objectives can be difficult.”

Dirk Jonker

“But, with an easy-to-use workforce reporting and analytics solution, Crunchr gets the basics right. Supporting workforce decisions with relevant insights by combining expertise, data, and analytics, it allows HR teams to embrace the power of people analytics, and empowers all of a company’s employees to make data-driven decisions in seconds.”

Globally recognised by Gartner and Bersin, Crunchr’s technology enables high-profile companies across a range of industries, including Randstad, AkzoNobel, MetLife and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, to benefit from the value unlocked by people analytics. And the company is growing fast, with plans to triple its team and expand internationally throughout 2022.

Bob Thomas, Principal at Oxx, comments “We spoke with people analytics professionals across the globe and one theme emerged very clearly: Crunchr's ease of use means that the people story within a business can be told quickly, clearly and in a data-rich way. In 2022, the people data questions faced by enterprises are more pressing than ever, and so we are thrilled to partner with Dirk and the team, and look forward to many more businesses unlocking the value of their people data with Crunchr.”

Ben Goldsmith

About Crunchr
Crunchr is on a mission to generate impact through people insights, giving organizations a real people advantage by making people analytics self-service-simple. With its intuitive, customizable interface, Crunchr’s intelligent engine quickly crunches data to reveal actionable, fact-based insights across all HR domains. These empower people analysts, HR and leadership to anticipate trends, design better people strategies and contribute to a healthy, productive working environment. Knowing precisely how their workforce works. Crunchr is growing fast and already the go-to solution for – amongst others – Randstad, AkzoNobel, Rabobank, Arcadis, MetLife and JDE. May their workforce be with them!

Crunchr is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands with 40 employees. Professional investors include Randstad Innovation Fund and Oxx Venture Capital. For more information, please reach out to Dirk Jonker, CEO: or Ralf Bovers, Head of Marketing: Website :

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