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No, this is not necessary. We will work with what is available, and make translations where necessary. Examples: you might have different performance ratings scales in different parts of your organisation (3-point scale, 5 point scale). Same for job levels. With you we will translate them in such a way they become comparable.
Crunchr is not a HR Information system. Crunchr is a people data analysis and reporting tool, that works with data from different sources. Your data might be in Excel, or come out of one of the systems or tools you use (HRIS, applicant tracking, engagement surveys). Not many organisations have one globally integrated HR system that can provide high quality people analytics reports in a user friendly way at the moment you need it. If you have managed to realise this, you probably do not need Crunchr.
It will take about 6 weeks. We need this period to work with you on data governance and answer questions like; What data is available? What is the quality of the data? How can the quality of the data be improved? How do we make sure your data can be collected regularly (one per month or quarter) in an easy way?
Today the global Crunchr team employs almost 40 people, with offices in Amsterdam and the San Francisco bay area.
Data security is very important to our clients and thus very important to Crunchr. We comply with the highest European data security standards.
The frequency of uploads depends on your situation. If data changes regularly (such as headcount) a monthly upload is required. Other data (such as succession plans, performance evaluations, etc.) changes less regularly, and a quarterly update might suffice.
Connecting systems often adds complexity. We prefer to keep things simple and cost efficient. A monthly or quarterly upload seems to work for our clients.
You add up to 15 users, and you can arrange who has access to which part of your data in Crunchr.
Yes, customer technical support is included in the fee. If you need specific strategic advice or if you want us to work with you in strategic HR projects or train your staff in data analytics, we are able to help you, and our fees are reasonable.


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