People Analytics Technology

Crunchr’s technology organizes your data, transforms it into insights and makes it easily available in a fast and secure user interface. It enables workforce reporting, people analytics and strategic planning for everyone.

Crunchr data visual

End-to-end enterprise solution

Enterprise solution architecture, designed to scale.

Crunchr combines, validates and standardizes from many systems. Including recasting.

Technology Model 1


Have all clean data organized in one version of the truth.

Technology Model 2


A high-performance people analytics engine translates data into insights in real-time.

Technology Model 3


Crunchr is configured with your definitions (headcount, turnover, ..) and governance (data retention rules, ..).

Technology Model 4


Manage authorization, users and roles in Crunchr or have an automated connection.

Technology Model 5


Three solutions using the same data, same calculations for a seamless experience.

Technology Model 6



SaaS Cloud

Crunchr is a SaaS solution. The application is hosted in the cloud and is accessible via your web browser. That means that there is no effort required on your side for software and infrastructure setup and maintenance. Crunchr takes care of servers, computational power, networking and security. So that you can focus on making business impact.


Data consolidation

Crunchr works as a layer on top of your existing systems. It automatically fetches the data from those systems. Crunchr then combines, standardizes and validates the data in the internal data lake. Subsequently, Crunchr performs data engineering to transform the data into workforce insights. This results in a unified view of your people and organization.

Crunchr compatible systems



Crunchr can integrate with all global and local HR systems. From global core HR systems (such as Workday, Oracle and SAP) to recruitment, L&D, engagement, absenteeism and performance management systems. Crunchr can even load business metrics, for example sales data from your CRM. The automated data feeds are easy to setup. Implementation is only a matter of weeks.


IT Security & Data Privacy

Crunchr has been designed from the ground up according to latest industry best practices around security and privacy/GDPR compliancy. Measures range from technical design to procedures to people. Our systems are annually audited (SOC 2 Type 2) and pentested by reputable firms. Crunchr also has advanced authorization models, anonymity thresholds and data anonymization algorithms in place.



Crunchr releases new software every other week. All new functionality is released to all clients free-of-charge. Crunchr is a nimble and agile company that aims to be ahead of the market. Our roadmap is filled with incredibly exciting and innovative plans. We also actively look for input from our customers and love to co-innovate.


Crunchr has helped us to make data more accessible and also much easier to use. No need to hassle with sending over excel-files but a GDPR-proof self-service tool in which colleagues can access data and can find relevant reports.
Simone Roos
Manager HR Data & Analytics, a.s.r.
JDE Prosus Arcadis Rabobank Randstad Metlife NS - NEW - 3 Azko - New 4

Let Crunchr empower you to take better people decisions.