Crunchr Implementation Program

Simple and fast.

We tailor the implementation and roll-out to your company. You can expect the following from us:

  • The first phase is about getting the right people involved, identifying the champions (key users) and creating a theme-based success agenda (we'll tell you more about this). We also scope the available workforce data and prioritise this with the roll-out agenda and agreements with the workers' council. 
  • The second phase is about mapping and loading your data. Most clients see their data already up and running within 2-3 days. If needed, we support you with a few iterations to fine-tune everything. We also create the user roles and authorisations and switch on the GDPR algorithms.
  • In the last phase we roll out Crunchr in phases, train your users and constantly evaluate usage.

During the entire journey, an implementation expert will be assigned to you and you will also have access to our extended supportal. This is a support website for all questions regarding Crunchr. On this portal you can find Crunchr learning guides and video's on how to use Crunchr.

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