Advance in workforce reporting and analytics

Get direct insights in the headcount, distributions, organization structure, attrition and trends

With organisation, you can run several organisation effectiveness analyses, which create insight in your workforce fundamentals. Find out how quickly you can determine annual report statistics, observe headcount over time, perform overhead analyses and explore restructuring or improvement opportunities.

Intuitive dashboard 
with people statistics

The extensive filters allow you to quickly zoom in on different workforce segments.

Analyse & compare
key statistics

Identify areas of improvement, like the effectiveness of your diversity program, to build data driven stories.

Track turnover and costs

All metrics to build a solid business case are intuitively available.

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Monthly HR report and dashboard

A global organization has grown organically and by acquisitions. USA and EMEA use a different HR system. Asia and south America use Excel. Crunchr enables them to provide consistent HR reports, analyse headcount movement, and compare job levels globally. Regional HR creates individual dashboards.

Track and control people movements

An e-commerce start-up is growing over 25% annually. Crunchr enables them to analyse and report staff turnover by team, region and function. As they take more granular measures, their turnover rate and recruitment costs decline considerably.

Monitor delayering

Delayering is important for a European service company. They want fewer managers and more customer-facing staff. With Crunchr, they track the number of layers and people per layer for each unit. They are able to report progress on a monthly basis.



All Crunchr apps are available for a fixed annual fee, depending on the workforce size, implementation is included in the fee. No surprises. The price is charged on an annual basis and includes quarterly data collection, validation reporting and tech support throughout the year. All prices exclude VAT.



7 / $8

per employee per year

Full Crunchr access

monthly data uploads

minimum annual fee
€50K / $60K


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