Crunchr Planning translates business operating models into workforce scenarios to make of Future of Work tangible.

Future of Work

Future of Work

The rise of machines, new technologies and artificial intelligence are fueling innovation and setting consumer trends. Businesses are reinventing themselves and are tuning operating models.

But what is the impact to the workforce who needs to deliver? How will people work, with what skills and in which context. That is a big question and we call this the Future of Work.

Demand Planning

The complexity of estimating how many people you need - specified for example by function, location and time - is often underestimated.

Crunchr guides the user with business drivers, such as forecast on revenue, production, customers, branches to derive future workforce demand. Also Robot Process Automation (RPA) and Continuous Improvement can be used.

These business drivers are then connected to specific parts of the workforce to calculate demand, to translate business metrics to workforce metrics.

Planning overview
Crunchr Planning

Supply Forecast

Crunchr Planning uses the data set from the core HR data to ensure that the definitions and assumptions are in line with the regular workforce reporting.

The module is powered by Crunchr Workforce, which makes it possible to automatically calculate all input metrics such as employee turnover, new hire profiles, etc for any supply scenario. This saves time and drives consistency.

The simple forecast panel allows you to play with the input parameters to immediately see the impact. The powerful algorithms crunches even large data set with 200,000+ employees in less than 10 seconds.

Scenarios and Predictive Analytics

Crunchr helps to translate the supply and demand scenarios in various sourcing strategies. The dashboard also provides a range of predictive analytics out of the box, such as forecast of workforce cost, ages, years in role, diversity, etc. By tuning the scenario parameters, you see the impact on bottom line immediately.

Crunchr Planning also gives the bigger picture on your talent ecosystem, to optimize sourcing strategies with permanent staff and contingent workforce. 


Crunchr Planning Scenario 2
Crunchr Preference

Why Crunchr Planning?

  • Data source can be integrated with your core HR systems
  • Suite of metrics and scenarios out of the box to ensure a quick start
  • Intuitive guidance to forecast workforce demand, with business drivers
  • Powerful predictive analytics engine to handle (very) large data sets
  • Enterprise certified solution (SOC-II) with out-of-the-box security features
  • Compliance driven GDPR design with automated data anonimisation
  • Crunchr improves every month with new features and improvements


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