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If you want to become employer of choice, attracting and retaining the right workforce, you will have to understand what drives your (future) employees. If you want to optimise your reward package by providing the highest perceived value at the lowest possible cost, you will have to understand the preferences of your (future) workforce.

Create attractive surveys

Preference is a visual and intuitive tool

Analyse & benchmark

Simply slice and dice the results to analyse and benchmark specific segments

Optimise your employee value proposition

Advanced analytics helps you to optimise your employee value proposition to attract and retain top talent

Our customer’s experiences

Learn from what other organisations have to say


Design a collective labour agreement

In this European organization management and the works councils are working together to design a modern collective labour agreement. With Crunchr Preference employee preferences are captured and clustered. They are able to design and implement more attractive packages from a financially neutral starting point. Take a look at how Schiphol Group used Preference.

Retain your most critical top potentials

A law firm has difficulty retaining lawyers with 5 to 10 years experience. Crunchr Preference allows them to detect the preferences of this specific group in comparison to other groups. Utilising the outcomes, the firm ensures they offer rewards packages congruent with expectations.

Decrease staff turnover risk after acquisition

A company just acquired a large competitor. The acquired company operated with substantially different pay and rewards packages. Crunchr Preference makes it easy to establish wants and needs of the combined workforce with a quick scan ensuring retention levels remain high after the merger while reducing costs.



All Crunchr apps are available for a fixed annual fee, depending on the workforce size, implementation is included in the fee. No surprises. The price is charged on an annual basis and includes quarterly data collection, validation reporting and tech support throughout the year. All prices exclude VAT.



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Full Crunchr access

monthly data uploads

minimum annual fee
€50K / $60K


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