Design a competitive employer brand with an employee preference gamified survey


Personalize the talent experience

Employer branding is crucial in attracting and retaining the right talent, now and in the future. To win today's talent, a personalized experience is the key to success.

In recent millennial research that Crunchr conducted with Deloitte, Crunchr quantified that a 4 tiered employer branding strategy generates a 27% higher return on investment over a one-size-fits-all strategy, without adding more cost.

Listen to your talent

Crunchr Preference has a built-in survey, to listen what talent finds important. Everybody in a company ecosystem can be invited, from candidates to contingent labor, freelancers and permanent employees.

The survey was designed with gamification to achieve high participation. Participants log in anonymously and swipe cards into their preference diamond (most important on the top, least important on the bottom). 

All text and cards in the survey can be customised (we have a question library to get you started). Setting up the campaign is simple and fast. 

The survey is GDPR compliant and available in 40+ languages. The method is based on scientifically validated conjoint analysis. The results are automatically in real-time available in Crunchr Preference for analysis.

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Deep insights with Artificial Intelligence

Measuring survey participation and analyzing the results is simple. The navigation is designed to guide you through the voice of talent. 

All preferences are ranked from highest to lowest. You can use the filter to zoom in on any subgroup. When redesigning your total rewards, the what-if functionality helps you predict who and how many of your people will be in favor of your proposal. This is a great way to collaborate with your unions and workers' councils based on data.

The built-in artificial intelligence tools help to personalize the talent experience and calculate a predictive satisfaction score.

How companies use Crunchr Preference

There are many use cases for the employer, unions and workers' councils:

  • The employer works with unions and workers' councils to listen what talent wants during total reward re-design or collective labor agreements
  • Recruiters ask candidates to take the survey before their interview. They become aware what candidates find important, which leads to better conversations
  • During a merger, companies can measure (dis)similarities between groups and proactively take action. Preference can help predict resistance to change

Why Crunchr Preference?

The design of the Crunchr diamond makes participants think consciously of what they find most important in their work. The swipe element is fun and engaging. While a classic survey setup ('do you want more salary?') often leads to unusable data, the Crunchr diamond leads to actionable insights.

Setting up the preference survey is done within an hour. From the start, you have real-time, interactive and actionable insights in what talent wants.

The out-of-the-box analytics capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence, bring deep insights beyond the standard reporting in standard tools. Connect Crunchr Preference with Crunchr Planning to integrate the employee value proposition with your business and workforce strategy.

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