What is Crunchr

Crunchr is a cloud solution for people analytics and workforce planning. It combines and connects workforce data from your HR systems and translates this into relevant insights with the right context. The solution is designed for (strategic) workforce management and complies with strict (European) data protection laws.

How we are different? Our users say we go above and beyond to make workforce analytics work. We see how companies struggle with data availability, quality and realizing Return on Investment. We believe that just technology is not enough to embrace workforce analytics, but that it needs to go hand-in-hand with a capability building program to add 'digital' to the culture. We call this the Crunchr Tech & Touch.


The bigger picture on Workforce Analytics

Storytelling from business strategy to talent retention and everything in between.

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Let's illustrate with an example: to retain talent (box 7), you first want to confirm that their skills are still relevant tomorrow (box 2) and what drives them (box 3). Then you can optimize the total reward value proposition (box 5) and measure if their development is aligned (box 6). Once you see the bigger picture, your stories become connected and much more powerful. 

The colors in the workforce analytics road map are linked to the Crunchr products (see below).

Cloud solution for People Analytics and Workforce Planning

Crunchr combines and connects workforce data from different HR systems to create one clean 'version of the truth'. It democratizes insights with monthly reporting and interactive analytics in a GDPR compliant secured environment. The solution consist of 3 powerful products to create connected stories.


Essential (predictive) insights on the employee journey, from hire to retire.

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Align business strategy with workforce scenarios to prepare for the future.

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Design an effective employer brand with an employee preference gamified survey.

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How does Crunchr work?

Crunchr is simple to setup (read here) and simple to use. We have 10+ yrs experience in helping clients to get started with reporting and advancing in people analytics and workforce planning. We understand your data might be scattered, dirty and that you're wondering if your HR professionals are ready to make the next step. Let us help you with exactly that.

Data consolidation

Crunchr combines (historic) workforce data from your HR systems and providers in one secure place.

Two layers merging

Data cleaning

Crunchr analyzes data quality with 100+ automated checks and provides you with an in depth audit report.


(Predictive) Insights

Crunchr has a wide range of pre-built metrics and dashboards. And you can drill down in a flexible analytics portal.

Mobile dashboard

Capability building

Our adoption programs help you to get the most out of Crunchr. And it adds 'digital' to your HR way of working.

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What makes us unique?


Simple Implementation

Starting with Crunchr is simple and fast. We take your (historic) data as-is, measure data quality and show what you already can do. All in a couple of days. Give it a try!

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Visionary innovation

We improve Crunchr every month, with input from The Consortium and customers. Our data science team brings innovation for you, complementary to your license.

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Solid foundation

Crunchr becomes your one source for consolidated and clean workforce data, with consistent definitions. In a highly secured GDPR compliant environment.

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Great companies trust Crunchr