The Consortium.

Sharing research and adoption strategies.

TheConsortium by Crunchr

Crunchr created The Consortium where we bring together people analytics professionals to explore innovation together, initiate (research) projects and discuss how to bring people analytics to the heart of HR professionals.

  • Universities and sizable companies can join if you are willing to contribute for the greater good.
  • It is free to join, but you're expected to donate knowledge, open mind and some of your time.
  • We come together 3 times per year and organise ourselves as a community. And we want to share what we learned.

Why we started this?

Companies are keen to explore the art of the possible in people analytics. They are inspired by examples of how people and business data can become a competitive advantage to companies. Workforce analytics summits are organized everywhere and people searching on Google for “People Analytics” have increased with 335% over the last 3 years.

According to the 2016 Bersin report by Deloitte Research, 92% of the companies however struggle to start or advance in people analytics and are stuck in basic hr reporting. Apart from practical constraints of data consolidation and validation, we observe the two underlying reasons. Companies do not understand what is possible with the data and secondly, how is it can be made possible.

Crunchr believes that techniques from non-HR domains can be applied to the HR domain, as challenges are similar. For example: Workforce Planning is an application of logistic optimization, strength of succession planning networks relates to graph theory, talent identification can be solved with pattern recognition, and so on and so forth.

To really help the HR domain in advancing and facilitating next steps, thorough research needs to be done on how these existing techniques can be applied. Whilst every company has different challenges, we believe that the techniques can be broadly the same. Therefore, we see a joint research consortium as a platform for fundamental research and where we share (non)success stories so that everybody can learn.

A selection of research topics

We've collaborated with companies and universities on the following topics:

  • Succession Planning. How likely is a succession proposal given the current succession network?

    Thesis research done by Bastiaan Kars, under supervision of dr Evert Haasdijk, S. Bhulai and Dirk Jonker

  • Analyzing real career pathing and predicting talent traffic jams at Wolters Kluwer

    Research done by Marielle Sonnenberg, Rianne Kaptein and Dirk Jonker

  • Predicting voluntary employee turnover using core employee data

    Research done by Sjoerd van Bekhoven, under supervision of M. Reinders, M. Loog, B. Bhulai, W Kouw and Dirk Jonker

  • Distance based source domain selection for automated

    sentiment classification

    Thesis research done by Lex Schultz, under supervision of Marco Loog, Rianne Kaptein and Dirk Jonker

  • Identifying pockets of cost savings opportunities with 

    organisational inefficiencies

    Research done by PwC North America and Dirk Jonker