Our security architecture

Crunchr is built with a defense-in-depth approach, where each of the web frontend, business logic, and database backend components are containerized to ensure a strict separation between them. These containers run on dedicated virtual private servers per customer, avoiding any multi-tenancy issues. Access to the Crunchr instance of a specific customer is controlled via a gateway that enforces strong two-factor authentication, checks on the origin of the access, and provides ADFS-based identity federation with the customer’s existing Active Directory infrastructure. Firewalling is used on all servers and containers to limit network traffic. Security monitoring is in place to detect and deal with possible attacks.

The data used by Crunchr is extracted from core HR systems of customers and then transferred to the Crunch solution. There the quality of the data is validated, and where necessary inconsistent or missing data is automatically corrected or augmented.

Production data is not regularly accessible by Crunchr personnel; operational processes in production are done by means of continuous delivery and automated deployment, avoiding error-prone and risky manual steps. The development environment is identical to but separate from the production environment and uses only generated test data. Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest wherever possible. Hourly backups are made at several locations. Data sets can be selectively anonymized as required, and data is securely disposed when an instance is decommissioned. The solution provides role-based access control for users, to ensure they only have access to those parts of the data set they need to do their job.

Crunchr is hosted in modern datacenters in and near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a politically stable environment and a hub for the European high-tech industry. The datacenters have direct links to the AMS-IX, one the largest internet exchanges in the world, ensuring low-latency high-availability connectivity. The VPS companies hosting the solution are ISO 27001 certified for security. The Crunchr office is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as well. No servers are present at the office location, there is a strict separation between development work (on workstations at the office location) and production work (on servers at the datacenter locations).

Crunchr deploys a three-lines-of-defense model where the first line performs daily operations, the second line is responsible for risk management, and the third line does internal audit. All employees are government-screened, and recruited from top universities, the big majority of them having M.Sc. or Ph.D. qualifications in computer science. Crunchr’s Chief Architect was recruited from ING Bank, where as Chief Security Architect he was for six years responsible for ING’s global security architecture, bringing a wealth of knowledge on the current global security landscape.

A yearly penetration test is performed by reputed firms to have a realistic assessment of vulnerabilities in the solution in relation to real-life threats; issues found are quickly resolved. The latest penetration test report is available on request to prospective customers.

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