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Crunchr is the most intuitive people analytics platform. It allows business leaders, people managers, and HR to answer big talent questions in seconds.

People analytics questions

Better, data-driven decisions

Understand what is really happening within your organization. Tell powerful change stories and take faster decisions.
Crunchr brings you the insights.

Get insights fast

Crunchr’s fast implementation and pre-built functionality ensure that you can accelerate your people analytics agenda in only a matter of weeks.

Actionable insights to drive business impact

Crunchr takes an holistic approach towards the employee journey: from recruitment to labor costs, from diversity to succession management. We provide you with actionable insights to take better decisions.

Flight risk

Prevent your top performers from leaving your organization. Use our out-of-the-box flight risk model or load in your own customized model.

Crunchr flight risk



Ensure you have the right people in the right positions at the right time.

Crunchr succession planning


Equal pay

Ascertain that you are paying fair and equally.

Crunchr rewards metrics


A full suite of people analytics capabilities

  • Ensure quality hires
  • Reduce turnover
  • Meet diversity goals
  • Optimize spans and layers
  • Improve promotions
Crunchr people analytics dashboard



People analytics for everyone

Crunchr is the most intuitive people analytics solution. It provides decision support and gives you the real story behind the data. It guides you by asking the right questions and giving the relevant answers. You just scroll down and the story unfolds.

  • Data storytelling
  • Drill down
  • Personalized
  • Decision support
  • Endless filter possibilities
  • Integrated learning portal

Scaling people analytics

Scaling people analytics from 10 users to the whole organization is tough. It requires high-speed infrastructure, advanced security management, quality control, integrated training and innovative product technology. Let Crunchr support you with this, so that you can focus on creating business value.

  • Connected insights
  • Performant and fast technology
  • Enterprise graded security
  • Adoption usage statistics
  • Constant innovation
  • User guidance

Meaningful insights for better decisions

Crunchr provides you with meaningful people insights. It translates your data into relevant information and guides you to easily spot trends and spikes. It draws your attention to useful benchmarks and allows for historical context as well as forecasts.


Crunchr is an integrated platform

Crunchr People Analytics is fully aligned with Crunchr Workforce Reporting and Strategic Planning. It uses the same clean data and definitions.

What our customers are saying

In the coming half year Crunchr will help me with failed hire reduction, a view on equal opportunities, cost savings opportunities, a workforce ageing scan, quantifying organizational inefficiencies, and understanding talent retention.
Maja Roosjen
Global Total Rewards, Jacobs Douwe Egberts​

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Let Crunchr empower you to take better people decisions.