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Translate your business strategy into a workforce strategy with Crunchr Strategic Workforce Planning and get ready for the future of work.

Crunchr Strategic Planning

What is the Future of Work?

New technologies such as artificial intelligence are fuelling innovation. Businesses are reinventing themselves and are pivoting operating models. But what is the impact on the workforce which needs to deliver on these changes? How will people work, with what skills and in which context? That is the big question, which we call the Future of Work.


Supply and demand planning

The Crunchr team helps you translate your business objectives into a people agenda with measurable goals.

  • Crunchr uses your HR data to forecast headcount, cost and related metrics.
  • Crunchr guides you with business drivers to predict workforce demand.
  • Gap analysis: forecast how many and what type of people you require to successfully meet your business objectives
Crunchr strategic planning gaps

Crunchr intuitive wizard

Design big workforce decisions

Intuitive wizards guide you to predict the impact of big workforce decisions

  • Productivity Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Outsourcing
  • Cost Reductions

Action plan

The Crunchr team helps you translate your business objectives into a people agenda with measurable goals.

  • Recruitment plan
  • Build-buy-borrow analysis
  • Financial implications
  • Impact on D&I
  • Target tracking
Crunchr build buy feature

HR Collaboration


Strategic workforce planning is a collaboration. HR, finance and the business need to work together.

  • Share projects
  • Authorizations on who can edit and/or approve

Benefits of Crunchr's Workforce Planning Tool

Scaling strategic planning

Strategic workforce planning projects can be centrally orchestrated, but decentrally executed. This creates scale.

Decision support

Use Crunchr as your digital strategy consultant. The in-built wizards support your big workforce decisions.

Integrated platform

Crunchr Strategic Workforce Planning is fully aligned with Crunchr People Analytics and HR Dashboards. It uses the same clean data and definitions.

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What our customers are saying

Teaming up with Crunchr meant that we could leverage the collective intellectual capability of their experience with other Crunchr clients.
Annemieke Nennie
Head People Analytics, Rabobank

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Crunchr's workforce planning tool empowers you to take better people decisions.