Share custom dashboards with your (non-HR) stakeholders every month. Automated.


Lack of insights

As companies grow and complexity increases, the business leaders and HR lose sight workforce trends. How effective is the recruiting machine, are we retaining talent, is the span of control still on target?

With Crunchr stories, we design a customized monthly dashboard with metrics your company’s objectives. Tailored to business leaders and HR leaders. With Crunchr Stories they get the front-page news of what is happening. Any follow-up questions and deep dives are analysed within 30 seconds with Crunchr Workforce.

Save time and cost with Crunchr stories

Monthly dashboards are still best practice in most companies to inform business and HR leaders. However, creating them takes tons of time. Popular business intelligence tools (Tableau, PowerBI, etc.) are not HR specific, so you need heavy customization and maintenance. So they are not designed to deal with deep authorizations and GDPR anonymization.

We’ve designed so many of these dashboards that we can quickly deploy a dashboard with metrics that matter to your leaders. And since the reporting and analytics are created by the same Crunchr Engine, numbers always align with the same definitions.


Fully customizable

Your leaders want quick insights, in a consistent format with company branding. You want to create these insights automatically. That’s exactly what we do. Unlike generic Business Intelligence tools, Crunchr is specifically designed for HR. All standard HR metrics are available, such as: turnover, hire failed rate, span of control, and more.

Apart from our library dashboards, we also offer fully customizable dashboards, tailored to the Objective Key Results (OKR) and specific projects (M&A, Reorganizations) or themes (Diversity & Inclusion, Turnover). Crunchr Stories is the art of the possible.


How do companies use Crunchr Stories?

  • Headcount Reporting. Most of our clients have standard monthly headcount reports. And a classic struggle whether this lies with finance or HR – and the standard discussions on the headcount definition, the reporting structure and potential targets. The biggest compliments we get is when the finance function gives ownership back to HR, after seeing consistent overviews from Crunchr.
  • Workforce Insights. Nowadays, Business leaders expect that HR leaders have knowledge on headcount, diversity, turnover, cost, talent pools, pay equity, and much more. With Crunchr Stories, we create one leadership dashboard that gives the big picture on all these topics, on one single page. Or sometimes one page per ExCo member.
  • Track problem areas. HR reporting also offers a great way to track key problem areas in a transparent way. Transparency in turnover rates per manager will encourage them to pay closer attention to retaining employees because their own reputation is on the line! By tracking problem areas, HR can leverage its position to drive improvements.



Actively slice and dice your data

Crunchr Stories shows the monthly overview of your talent and organisation. We know that this results often in lots of follow-up questions. Crunchr Workforce is the solution to answer these ad-hoc questions within 30 seconds, even during a meeting. This shows that you’re in control.

Contact us today to discuss your reporting needs in a one-on-one session with one of our consultants.