Improve the strength and quality of your succession plans

Improve the leadership pipeline by understanding people flows within your organisation

Improve the succession strength and quality by understanding people flows within your organisation. Ensure a strong leadership pipeline through dynamic and interactive succession reporting. Succession calculates how strong your overall succession network actually is.

The first step towards succession planning

The boxes provide insight into your succession effectiveness at a glance. The boxes show the coverage ratio of the succession plans, both the total and the average number of successors listed for the positions with a succession plan, and the number of available successors per position. You can choose the term for which you want to show the statistics: overall, short, mid or long term. By using the filters, you can view the data from different organisation perspectives.

Leadership talent review

Find all succession plans in a list below. This is useful for when you are conducting a leadership talent review.

Powerful visuals

This succession network graphic gives you a high-level overview of your succession plans. Each dot represents an individual in a position. If someone is mentioned in the succession plan for a position, the two dots are connected (his/her current position, and the possible new position). If someone is mentioned in two plans, there are two connections and so forth. If a dot has no connections, there is currently no succession plan.

Identify risk areas

This section includes an overall risk assessment, and lists all positions on the basis of their relative succession risk. Succession risk is defined as the number of available successors for a position. The first tiles show the total number of successors and the available successor ratio. The tables below show the number of listed and available successors on the short, mid and long term for each position. The tables can be ranked on the basis of the data in each column. You can apply the filters to make specific organisation slices.

Track people flows

This section creates a cross-over between strategic workforce and succession planning. Validate the internal workflows through these flowcharts. Identify the succession routes across your organisation. You can identify the business unit, geography and functional streams, helping you to understand if internal succession plans are sufficient to create the workforce supply needed in specific areas.

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The strength of your leadership bench

The outcome of the annual succession management process is captured in a PowerPoint deck. In the Board discussion the people data is already outdated. By capturing the data in Crunchr, it is up-to date and a more thorough analysis is possible. The real strength of the leadership bench can be measured.

Assess the risk at your key positions

A conglomerate manages their subsidiaries at arms-length. The Board, however, needs a clear view of the management teams and potential succession issues. With Crunchr, they can capture and monitor a group of 200 people in key positions and their potential successors.



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