Identify talent and to prioritize actions

Creates oversight of your talent pipeline quality, identifies hidden talent and those at risk of leaving

This app will make it easier to monitor talent in your organisation and prioritize talent interventions. The insights in both talent pools and individuals help your management to managing their human capital more effectively.

Intuitive dashboard

This section shows the key statistics of your talent pools. It includes all your identified talent data and shows diversity, service and other data that indicate the effectiveness of your talent management. You can apply filters to take different perspectives and use the learn function to get a better understanding of the data.

Zoom into the individual

Personal characteristics and nine-box are easily accessible.

Monitor talent at risk

It is important to identify and develop your talent, as they are the future leaders in your organisation. Our Talent Risk Monitor is a good basis/foundation for discussion about your talent. In this section, you can assess the risk of loss versus the impact of loss for all identified talents. The Filter function allows you to break down the numbers reported making it possible to create individual action plans.

Our customer’s experiences

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Check if your talent pool is sufficient

15% of this organization is considered “High Potential Talent”. Crunchr Talent makes a more in-depth analysis possible. How well does the current talent pool match future requirements? If most identified talent is at headquarters and in the USA, whilst growth is foreseen in Central Europe and Asia, there is an issue.

Look at the return of your hipo program

A bank has invested in a global program for high-potentials. Crunchr enables them to measure return on this investment. It also benchmarks turnover and career progression by talent pool and individual. It greatly improves talent identification.



All Crunchr apps are available for a fixed annual fee, depending on the workforce size, implementation is included in the fee. No surprises. The price is charged on an annual basis and includes quarterly data collection, validation reporting and tech support throughout the year. All prices exclude VAT.



7 / $8

per employee per year

Full Crunchr access

monthly data uploads

minimum annual fee
€50K / $60K


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