Customers trust us with their valuable data, and expect us to ensure that data is handled very carefully, both from a security perspective and a privacy perspective. For this reason, we have designed Crunchr from the ground up according the latest industry best practices around security and privacy


Regarding privacy, it must be clear what data we collect, and why we collect it. It must be clear how we process it, and what the legal basis for that is. And above all, all legal requirements, like those from the GDPR, must be met.

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When we think about security, the most prominent issues are confidentiality (make sure only authorized people can get to the data), integrity (make sure the data is correct at all times), and availability (make sure the solution is always available for use). We address these issues at several levels. At the technical level, we design our systems to be as secure as possible. At the procedural level, we make sure we work in such a way that mistakes are avoided, and when they do happen, that they are quickly caught and corrected. At the people level, we make sure to hire highly knowledgeable experts, so we can deliver on these promises.

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Independent Service Auditors’ ISAE 3000 / Service Organization Control (SOC2) report

We know that you must be able to trust our software and services. For that reason we had ourselves audited for compliance to the international standard for SOC2. SOC2 is an international standard which focusses specifically on the services of IT service providers. 2-Control, an IT-audit company with certified IT-auditors, audited us for compliance to this standard. The report of 2-Control gives current and potential customers insight in the quality of the IT-services we offer. The scope of this report comprises our online solution for workforce reporting and people analytics.

The SOC2 report is more extensive than other, traditional, certifications and is yearly repeated by means of an audit by an independent certified IT-auditor. 2-Control issued a Type 2 report. A SOC2 Type 2 Assurance focusses on the way our processes and internal controls are organized and the operating effectiveness of these processes and internal controls. The Type 2 report covers the period of May 17th, 2018 till December 31st, 2018. The full SOC2 Assurance report is available for our customers for internal use, contact us if you want to know more. For more information check the website of 2-Control.

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