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This is probably the most exciting time to join a SaaS company in the HR Tech industry as the head of Finance. We've developed enterprise technology that won many prizes and that is used by large companies around the world. We are financially healthy, have a diverse team of top potentials, and we have big plans for the future.

Crunchr is growing fast. We even doubled our revenues during the pandemic. We use tons of SaaS metrics (unit economics) to measure if we're on track and to make data-driven decisions. For example: how can we grow faster whilst keeping healthy runway, how can we invest more in product and technology, what is the ROI on marketing events, what should our capital strategy be for the next three years, etc.

With the business growth and our big plans, the management team is expanding. And now, we're looking for the right executive with the vision to drive Crunchr's financial strategy, action and implementation.


What do we do?

We believe that people are truly a company's biggest asset (that they don't own). It's people (not robots) that invent new products, send people to the moon and deliver fantastic customer experiences.

At the same time, we see that companies still know very little about their employees. For example, how do they feel, what do they want. Do companies offer the same career opportunities to everyone? What is the impact of automation on the skills that companies need to develop? etc.

We created an intuitive workforce analytics platform that translates the data that companies already have into clear insights for HR and managers to improve workforce productivity and employee experience.


Role summary

Crunchr is ready for a smart strategist with financial and managerial experience. The Head of Finance will be responsible for leading the development and scaling of the finance and business insights functions.

The ideal candidate will be a great communicator, problem solver and team player, who is able to effectively manage time, prioritize multiple projects and be a significant contributor to the management team.

This position reports to the Chief Executive Officer of Crunchr, is part of the management team and will participate in board meetings with the investors.

Candidate process

Primary responsibilities

  • Leading the end-to-end reporting, including analyses and projections of all financial, business and SaaS metrics;
  • Managing long term contracts (e.g., lease cars, office, HR contracts, SAR pool, etc.);
  • Work closely with our external accountant and payroll administrator;
  • Serve as a key member of the management team, providing input to peers regarding the financial implications of all major business decisions, as well as giving strategic advice to achieve business objectives;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement, including cost reduction, automation, systems enhancement, etc.;
  • Analyze growth KPIs and advise the company leadership on growth/lag trends;
  • Leading and managing capital strategy. This includes maintaining relationships with bankers and investors;
  • Working closely together with the CEO to lead the funding rounds.
  • As the company grows, so will the finance team. However, in this phase you will have external support, but no direct reports. Therefore, we are looking for a leader, not a manager.


  • University Master's degree in finance (or similar) is required;
  • Must have at least 5 years' experience in financial consulting roles, in investment portfolio management or in financial leadership roles in growth-stage companies;
  • Must have, a hands-on leadership style, strategic mindset and excellent interpersonal skills;
  • You like to be the challenger in the management team meetings;
  • Proven track record of creating financial reporting processes, procedures and metrics for technology/ software companies;
  • Experience working with venture capital investors is a plus.

What we offer

  • First and foremost the opportunity to join a successful scale-up at the right moment;
  • We have a team of 35 top potentials with a warm collaborative culture;
  • You'll be joining the management team and participate in (investor) board meetings;
  • We pay market salary, pay for your retirement contribution and offer SARs;
  • We are open to someone who wants to work part-time (minimum 60%).

Who we are

Crunchr is fast-growing HR Tech scale-up that was founded in 2014. It serves companies around the world with workforce reporting, people analytics and strategic planning. Crunchr has a team of 35, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have professional investors onboard who support us with international growth. Crunchr won many international prices from Gartner (as one out of five companies worldwide), was featured in The Economist and is used at universities and business schools to build a next generation of leaders in HR and business.

Crunchr team


Are you interested to learn more about what we do and what kind of problems we need help with? Feel free to send Babette a message, so you can get together for a (digital) cup of coffee!

Babette Mooij
Management Trainee at Crunchr

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