Strategic workforce planning and budgeting

Predicts workforce supply, demand and cost based on your data and business scenarios

Workforce helps an organisation to get started with strategic workforce planning and budgeting. Use your company data, custom business scenarios and our algorithms to predict workforce supply and demand.

Understanding your expected workforce development

The graphs and tables on this page show the expected development of your workforce over the coming years, and provides suggestions for interventions to meet your goals. Controls allow you to influence these results by changing the parameters of the simulation. This section shows the result of either a default workforce forecast, or a custom-made scenario.

Create multiple scenarios

Build business scenarios to project future workforce demand and supply, identify gaps and assess predictive workforce analytics, such as future turnover, average age, average tenure and diversity ratios. We developed an intuitive wizard to guide you through this process.

Translate business strategy into people plans

In order to connect workforce demand to business context, we developped business drivers. Business drivers are used to estimate future workforce demand. These drivers can be defined as broad as you require, for example: revenue, contracts, customers, call volume in a call center, etcetera. The drivers that you create in this section are automatically available in the previous section (scenarios).

Our customer’s experiences

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Develop workforce planning scenarios

In the strategic plan, growth in central Asia is important. Growth scenarios vary between 5 and 15%. More people in sales and customer services are needed. With Crunchr, HR is able to run workforce-planning scenarios. Turnover rates are forecast based on actual data testing strategy strength.

Plan recruitment needs

A manufacturing company is making a shift from traditional machinery to more advanced technical solutions. This is a gradual shift. It means the demand for electromechanical and software- engineers will increase over the coming years. Crunchr Workforce enables them to forecast recruitment needs as well as the number of recruiters needed.

Look at impact of an acquisition

A company is completing an acquisition. Crunchr enables them to analyse legacy company workforces against a combined organization. They can then run workforce planning scenarios increasing growth potential and reducing costs.



All Crunchr apps are available for a fixed annual fee, depending on the workforce size, implementation is included in the fee. No surprises. The price is charged on an annual basis and includes quarterly data collection, validation reporting and tech support throughout the year. All prices exclude VAT.



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