Essential predictive insights on the employee journey, from hire to retire.

Data-driven storytelling

People analytics is a powerful tool for HR to make strategic impact. Rules of thumb and assumptions are replaced by conscious strategic decisions that are supported by data.

Applying people analytics also helps you prioritise and see where you can have most impact. Just by using the workforce data that you already have.

Navigate and visualise workforce data

Crunchr structures workforce data, translates this into information and adds context to create meaningful insights. The storytelling design helps to formulate the right actions. It democratises data and insights in a GDPR compliant way.

The extensive filters help you to slice and dice information in any way. On everything you see, you can drill down to the individual level so that you can build trust with your own data (provided you have the appropriate permissions).

Each page has a guide containing definitions and explaining why a metric is relevant and how to use it. Also note that every metric is accompanied by a relevant business question.


Failed hires and talent retention

Crunchr Workforce has extensive functionality to understand retention and the effectiveness of recruitment. It also dives deep into the issue of failed hires (new hires that leave within the first year). Crunchr uses the 'so what, now what' method to translate insights into actions.

Use Crunchr Workforce also to understand talent attrition: where is the attrition the highest and what are the risk factors? Crunchr helps you prioritise actions with the interactive flight risk monitor. 

Measuring and improving data quality

The art of the possible in people analytics and workforce planning is limited by the availability, completeness and quality of the data.

Crunchr Workforce analyses these factors and provides an audit report on how to improve data. Most discussions are around 'should we wait for perfect quality or start now?'. We believe that your data quality will never be 100% and also doesn't need to be. As long as you know the status. 

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How companies use Crunchr Workforce

  • To visualise and explore their data in a simple and GDPR compliant way

  • To improve data quality, as a preparation for a HRIS implementation

  • To deliver customised monthly workforce dashboards to all HRBPs

  • To replace home-grown workforce reporting dashboards that are not GDPR compliant and cannot keep up with external innovation

  • To democratise insights across HR professionals and managers in the field, so that People Analytics teams can focus on value-add analytics

Why Crunchr Workforce?

Crunchr is easy to use and the implementation is fast (less than 4 weeks). We see most companies building their own analytics tool, which is a great start. But then you get traction and your internal customers want more. How will you deliver with only a few people? And who brings in continuous innovation? Let Crunchr help you.


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