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Critical insight in your workforce

Crunchr is designed to get the most out of your data to optimize business performance and increase employee experience.  

  • Crunchr combines data from your HR systems, improves quality and democratize insights in line with data protection and GDPR.
  • The implementation is simple and fast. Most companies have their first insights already at the next leadership meeting.
  • Every month you see new functionality and improvements. You benefit from our extensive data science and development team.

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Cloud solution for People Analytics and Workforce Planning

Crunchr combines and connects workforce data from different HR systems to create one clean 'version of the truth'. It democratizes insights with monthly reporting and interactive analytics in a GDPR compliant secured environment. The solution consist of 3 powerful products to create connected stories.


Essential (predictive) insights on the employee journey, from hire to retire.

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Align business strategy with workforce scenarios to prepare for the future.

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Design an effective employer brand with an employee preference gamified survey.

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Benefit from our knowledge and experience

Employer branding use case
Case-study: Employer branding

The Art of Listening: How a telecommunications company increased their employee satisfaction by 22%.

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Whitepaper: Recruitment

How to get insights into recruiting effectiveness using people analytics and get your recruitment right! 

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Blog: Evolution of HR

Workforce Analytics: the Key to Improving Business Results. The evolution of HR into an analytically driven profession.

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