HR Data Lake

Crunchr combines, standardizes, and validates your data. This built-in data lake connects data from all HR domains, giving you a unified view of your people and organization.

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Your data organized into one clean version of the truth

People data is usually spread across different systems, while data quality is often a struggle. Crunchr can help. It offers you a unified and clean view of your people and organization. Its built-in data lake enables you to get relevant insights out of your HR and business data fast and easily.

Organizing Data


Data quality monitor

Data quality monitor

Crunchr enables you to fill the gaps in your data. It also draws your attention to outliers and spikes to spot (potential) problems. We help you fix the data at the source.

Harmonized definitions

Harmonized definitions

Crunchr empowers you to harmonize definitions, so that metrics are aligned and insights are valid. Definitions can be configured, but will apply across your whole organization.

Data model

Data model

Crunchr’s universal data model makes it possible that your data from different systems can be combined, metrics can be calculated and data can be visualized.



Crunchr has a state-of-the-art extract, transform and load (ETL) process to easily combine data from your different systems on a daily basis.



Crunchr gives you the possibility to recast your data, ensuring that organizational changes do not break your time analyses.


Clean data in one place

Crunchr offers a unified view of your people data in one secure place. Let us take away the burden of data handling so that you can focus on leveraging insights and driving business improvements.

Up and running within weeks

We have organized the data of many clients and have become good at it. Fast, conscientious and secure. Do you want to know more about how our rapid implementation?

Crunchr is an integrated platform

Crunchr Workforce Reporting, People Analytics and Crunchr Planning are seamlessly integrated. The whole suite uses the same clean data and definitions.

What our customers are saying

Thanks to Crunchr, the HR team has evolved from having conversations about numbers to having powerful data-led conversations which result in actions and accountability.
Graham Trevor
HR Director, Randstad

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