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Crunchr provides workforce analytics out-of-the-box, built by a team dedicated to your success. Let us help you to make real business impact.

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Seven reasons to choose Crunchr


Out-of-the-box workforce analytics

Save yourself the time and risk of manually building models and reports. Crunchr has been specifically designed for HR. All meaningful metrics are pre-built into Crunchr, allowing you to start analyzing your people data immediately.


Self-service analytics

Crunchr’s easy navigation empowers not only data specialists, but all your HR professionals and business leaders to answer big talent questions in just seconds.


Security & GDPR compliancy

We meet the highest standards in data security and data privacy. We ensure that the right access controls are always in place through our role and field-based authorization model.


Data consolidation

Crunchr consolidates your data from different systems into one clean version of the truth. Our built-in data lake enables you to get relevant insights out of your HR and business data.


Customer success

We are fully committed to your success. You will have a dedicated customer success team that is wholly focused on empowering you to make business impact.


Constant innovation

Developing new technologies is part of our DNA. We release new functionality every other week and we also love to co-innovate with our customers.


High-speed implementation

Implementing Crunchr is a matter of weeks rather than months. This enables you to realize value fast.

What our customers are saying

“Thanks to Crunchr, the HR Team has evolved from having conversations about numbers towards having robust data-led discussions that result in actions and accountability.”
Graham Trevor
HR Director, Randstad UK

Great companies trust Crunchr

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Let Crunchr empower you to take better people decisions.